the LARK

What is the LARK?

It is an acronym from:  Linux Advanced Resources and Knowledge

and is designed to deliver accurate information about Linux System Administration topics.

The LARK project came to life as my need to have a “digital notebook” of Linux System Administration solutions while preparing for certification. It is my way to give back to the Linux community.

According to,  lark is  “something extremely easy to accomplish, succeed in, or to obtain“. This is the very scope of this website: to make Linux learning easy to accomplish and to help others succeed in a professional Linux ecosystem.

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About the Author

The Author.

My name is Alexandru Calcatinge and I am an architect driven by the Open Source Software ideology. I am a graduate in Architecture and have a PhD in Urban Planning. I was a computer science student back in High School when I learned programming in Pascal and C/C++. Now I  I love to use open-source software and I started to write “how-to” articles related to Linux administration more as a hobby. The first Linux distribution I have ever used was SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, a long time ago. This is why openSUSE is the distribution of my choice, but I must be frank with you and admit that I use Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and Raspbian/PIXEL on a daily basis. Some of the posts on this website are written for openSUSE though, but you can also find most of the posts written for Debian based distos.

Currently, I am an University Lecturer in Urban Planning,  teaching History of Architecture and Urbanism, Design Studios, Architectural Programming and Cultural Landscapes and Development. I have published several books on Cultural Landscape studies (hence the Cultural Landscape section of this website) and in my spare time I am using my skills in Linux System and Network Administration in order to help others succeed with their business.

Cultural Landscapes

Just for fun. Some old stuff to take a break from Linux.

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